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    Since 1956, the Father’s Day Council of Victoria has named a Victorian Father of the Year, to celebrate and recognise the important role of fathers in family life.

    Vale Don Parsons
    We were saddened to learn of the passing of Chair of the Father’s Day Council, Don Parsons on 22 April 2017.

    Don was a compassionate, kind and caring man. We miss you deeply; your leadership, your stories and your wisdom.

Nominations are now open for the 2013 Father of the Year for Victoria

The word is out – we are looking for Victoria’s top Dad. 

Last year’s Father of the Year was 59 year old Italian immigrant Romeo Biancofiore, of St Albans. “In most kids’ lives their hero is usually a sports star, Hollywood actor or some sort of celebrity. But mine has always been my dad,” said his youngest son, Rob, 27 who put his Dad’s name forward in 2012.

Romeo single-handedly raised Rob and his brother Anthony after his wife’s death 15 years ago, and remains actively involved in their lives as adults, as well as helping care for his elderly parents. He’s a traditional hard-working Australian dad turned primary parent and carer, with the close relationship he enjoys with his sons forged in those tough years of adversity.

Father’s Day Council Chair Don Parsons said there were many dads working hard to do the very best they could every day for their children. “Ordinary people can have an extraordinary impact on children’s lives,” Mr Parsons said.

“This award recognises and celebrates the significant role fathers and male role models play in our community. We’re not just looking for dads, we’re seeking nominations for father figures so it could be an uncle, a step-father, a grandfather or a coach.”

For the past ten years, the YMCA has supported the Father’s Day Council of Victoria Inc. and co-ordinated a local Community Father of the Year in every region where there is a Y. The Father’s Day Council of Victoria considers all Community Father of the Year recipients as well as nominations direct from the public when selecting the Father of the Year for Victoria.

To nominate a dad or father figure, complete the Nomination form.

Nominations close 2nd August 2013.

The 2013 Father of the Year for Victoria will be named in a ceremony during the last week of August at the Melbourne Town Hall.

For further information contact:

Shona Eland
Father’s Day Council of Victoria
Mobile: 0400 179 369

Don Parsons
Chair – Father’s Day Council of Victoria Inc.
Mobile: 0419 544 744

View the selection criteria.

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