2014 Victorian Father of the Year – “He makes time for family no matter what”

Adam with Oscar and Ava
Adam with Oscar and Ava

The Father’s Day Council of Victoria has announced 38-year-old horticulturalist Adam Strathairn of Wyndham Vale, as Victoria’s Father of the Year for 2014.

Adam is renowned in his community for always making the time to be involved in his children’s lives and involving them in his.

As well as coaching his children’s basketball teams, Adam volunteers as president, secretary and registrar of the Good News Basketball Club which they play for.

Father of Ava (11) and Oscar (eight) Adam first came to the attention of the Father’s Day Council after being named a YMCA Victoria Community Father of the Year for his outstanding commitment to his children’s sporting commitments at the Werribee Sports and Fitness Centre. He was nominated to the centre by his two loving children.

With his passion for nature, healthy living and getting your hands dirty, children Ava and Oscar helped design their beautiful backyard, complete with vegie patch and chicken run, a suburban oasis.

No matter what else is going on in the world, Sundays in the Strathairn household are always reserved as ‘family day’. Family day involves day trips to The Royal Botanic Gardens to learn about plants, trips to Geelong to be by the water, or simply having the grandparents visit for a family meal all prepared together.

In her nomination to the Werribee Sports and Fitness Centre Adam’s daughter Ava wrote, “My dad is funny and very loveable. My Dad has taught me lots of things and tells the truth about me. I don’t think anyone has a Dad like mine and I’m glad I have a Dad like mine.’’

In many ways Adam is a typical dad from middle Australia, that actually does all the great family things that perhaps many just talk about. His deeds set a great example for other fathers to follow.

After moving from Mildura 10-years ago, Adam has involved his children in establishing their new home in Wyndham Vale, in one of Australia’s fastest growing municipalities.

Adam’s wife Simone said any time their children needed a driver, support, advice or anything else Adam would be there.

“He ticks all the boxes, he’s loving and caring and wants to help our children and other kids he coaches reach their potential.”

“He makes time for his family no matter what.”

Adam’s father-in-law Greg Grundy said he couldn’t wish for anything more from a son in law. He said Adam’s volunteering spirit and positive outlook on life has rubbed off on the two children.

“I can’t fault him, he’s everything you’d want for your daughter and as far as kids go… he epitomises a family man.”

Chair of the Father’s Day Council of Victoria Don Parsons said the award recognises the importance of fathering and family life, whatever the composition of the family.

“The Council has searched far and wide for an exemplary father figure – someone that people can look up to and aspire to be like. A good person, good family values, and a good community member.”

Since 1956, the Father’s Day Council of Victoria has named a Father of the Year for Victoria, to celebrate and recognise the important role fathers and father-figures play in family life. In the past nine years the YMCA has partnered with the Council and co-ordinated the YMCA Community Father of the Year award in every region where there is a YMCA.

The Father’s Day Council of Victoria considers all local YMCA Community Father of the Year recipients when selecting the Victorian Father of the Year as well as nominations directly submitted to the Council.

“There were over 1500 amazing nominations this year, we congratulate every single nomination for their continued dedication and enrichment of their children’s lives,” Mr Parsons said.

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