YMCA Victoria and the Father’s Day Council of Victoria is searching for exemplary fathers, and father figures for nomination for the 2017 Victorian Father of the Year award.

Father’s Day Council Acting Chair Peter Burns said, “The Victorian Father of the Year Award acknowledges fathers and father figures who have an extraordinary impact on children’s lives”.

“There are many dads, and their surrogates across the state, whose dedication to raising resilient children goes unrecognised despite the fact that raising a child is one of life’s most precious gifts.”

“For these children and families, their Dads are superheroes. Always there when they’re needed, interested in their children’s lives and putting themselves and their needs second.” Mr Burns said.

YMCA Executive Officer Michelle Bruggeman said the award recognises and celebrates fathers and positive male role models.

“We are not just looking for dads; we’re seeking nominations for father figures, it could be an uncle, a step-father, a grandfather or a teacher.”
“Anyone can nominate. If you have a dad or father figure who goes the extra mile we want to hear from you!” Bruggeman said.

Nominations close 11th August, 2017.

Nominate here.